Variety Of Positive Music

Contemporary Christian & Gospel
There is a huge market for Contemporary and Gospel Music. Whether it's light instrumentation with vocals out front, Country with heavier instrumentation, or simply instrumental, it can be affective if presented in a positive manner.
Praise & Worship
Praise and worship music is becoming more and more popular. The conditions of our world can cause people to become depressed and lose hope. The sound of Praise & Worship music can be uplifting and encouraging as we listen to, or sing music that gives us hope.
Groups and Choirs
There's something special about the sounds of trios, quartettes, and smaller groups as they blend together to create their sounds. Of course, when a large group of singers get together to lift up their voices in praise to our God, it's hard to beat. Any way we choose to praise Him through our music is awesome when it comes from within.
Peace & Love
Songs of peace and love are needed in our world today, Whether it's songs of encouragement to others or love for the special people in our lives, love songs are needed.


God has put us in the position to reach the world for a reason, and we thank Him for His many blessings. As part of the media and the music field, we feel obligated to tell others of God's love for "you and me," and remind them that He will be returning to this world soon. "We are here to serve Him;" and He will be the "top partner" in all we do! We feel and realize that we are part of His plans to reach the world; and with His help we will continue to do so. "Why not join us as we move forward!"
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Sound Tracks

  • Vince Murphy - Temporary Insanity
  • Take Your Time
  • Cool for the Summer
  • Same Old Love
  • Writing's On The Wall
  • What Part of Me
  • Back Where I Belong
  • I Feel Love
  • Run Away With Me
  • All Eyes On You
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