Our strong connection to God, who has allowed us to have the ability to write, arrange and produce music, keeps us feeling "Blessed and Thankful" as we reach out to the world with our music! Our team has been connected to many talented singers, musicians, engineers and music producers over the years. We believe in producing solid, meaningful music while enjoying a friendly recording environment.

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As a writer, newspaper columnist and author, Thomas Vincent Murphy and his family have a strong foothold in this area. His involvement in radio as an executive producer and host of his own programs, and his connection with powerful media partners and organizations that cover the world, has allowed us to reach the corners of the earth. His involvement in various aspects of television, has also given this team a wealth of experience.

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We are comfortable in the studio recording atmosphere. Our connections with experienced arrangers and engineers, put us in a position to smoothly develop finished projects of quality. The dedication, fun and unity that we have during recording sessions can be heard and felt in our finished products.

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God Bless!

Join Us As We Reach Out To The World

Our goal is to reach a troubled, unpredictable world with the strong message that God cares for each of us in a special way. Through music and the many aspects of the media, we want to send out a resounding message of hope and encouragement to the world.

The Murphy Connection

Thomas Vincent Murphy Sr.
Executive Producer
"TJ" Murphy
Production Specialist/Producer
Vince Murphy
Song Writer / Producer
Murphy Media
Publications & Radio
The Harrisons Children of The Promise
Family Life
Family Productions
Music variety
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What We're All About

Sharing GOD's Message Of Love and Hope

In today's world many people are looking for something to hope for and a way to lift their spirit. Through our music and lyrics, and through our writings and media outlets, we want to present a positive message that can influence others in an encouraging manner. Connecting to others who share our same vision can lead to a powerful partnership. Enjoy the Live Internet Streaming TVM Radio 1 station by clicking the play button below.

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