Provided Services

Talented Musicians

We pride ourselves on having some great musicians and singers connected to the projects we are involved with. With their vast experience and knowledge, we will do our best to make your production one you will be proud of.

Pleasant Atmosphere

Working in a safe comfortable atmosphere can play a big part in the steady progress of your project. We have made a point of having quality people with pleasant personalities and upbeat attitudes to support you as you move forward.

Quality Productions

We believe in quality. Over the years, the writings, musical compositions and recordings we have been connected to, have been appreciated and enjoyed by many. We have often been told by the public and our peers that they highly respect our work. With God's help, we have continued to progress. Professional musicians available upon request.

An affordable way to reach the world

Other Services

  • Motivational Speaking

    We would enjoy coming to your facility to encourage others with thoughts from "The Word" that relate to us today, along with thoughts from everyday life experiences many of us have or will encounter.

  • Mentoring

    We are greatly concerned about our young people, and those adults who are struggling in various ways to survive in an unpredictable world. Our strong belief in God, who is our leader, gives us the strength and courage to help others in their times of need.


    Our goal is to go into the communities and encourage those who are in need since we all have needs, the status of that community matters not, because it can include anyone who needs to feel there is an "Awesome God" who "really does care!"


    Reaching out and connecting with those who are handicapped or disabled is a high priority on our list of services. Showing they are as valuable in God's sight as any of us, and treating them with utmost respect, is what we're all about!

Our Top Priorities


Our connection with God is the most important ingredients in all our future endeavors. He is "number one" in all that we do!


The family is a vital part of what we do while on this earth! When a family is in harmony with God and each other, there is nothing that can't be accomplished.


Being involved with others who have a similar mindset as we, is crucial in reaching positive goals in this life. Connecting with others can make a powerful bond while reaching out to the world.


We live in an unpredictable world! While putting God first, our goal is to "help others" spiritually, and physically. There are many ways-big and small-to help others, and in what ever manner we are blessed to do so, we will.

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